Viper Bicycles

Viper is a leading brand of high performance bicycles, accessories and parts for bikes in the Philippines. We bring to you quality models that suit your needs. Your companion in achieving your goals, be it an adrenaline dose competing on a rocky terrain or family bonding ride on an easy road. V for Versatile. V for Value. V for Viper

About Us

As a top quality and performance driven company, we offer end-to-end solutions in the biking industry. Our customized designs have been acclaimed worldwide for their performance, affordability, and style. With the goal to change the role of the biking industry to be a part of everyday life as a form of transportation, recreation, and sport, our bikes are designed to lead its users -you- towards a balanced life.

Performance First

With a deep understanding of various unique riding styles, bicycle sizing and component specs, we constantly seek out new ways to deliver Ready-to-Ride bikes vetted for functionality and safety - so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best deal and services on the purchase.

Extensive Product Range

Providing a wide range of innovative and creative bicycle designs that meet global safety standards, you can easily find a model most suited for you and your chosen lifestyle. We offer an impressive range of bicycle selection, engineered for all purpose activities and level of intensity, which includes mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, children bikes, as well as spare parts, accessories and components for bicycles.

Our Mission is to give you a fun ride.

Our successful history of supplying high quality bicycles has earned us the loyalty of practical but quality-conscious riders all over the country. Amongst our dealers, we are well known for our outstanding event marketing and customer care."

Our Vision is to lead the way forward.

Viper is driven by an ambition to improve cycling for everybody. This is why you can rely on us to constantly evolve with your needs, always developing better products that push the standards of cycling ever forward.